Tuscany, may 10, 2025
50 CC time trial

DAWN TO DUSK 300 edition V

LReceive a notification for the opening of registration. Slots are Limited.


14 hours and 33 minutes, as per the Solar Almanac. This is the duration between Dawn and Dusk on May 10, 2025, and this is the time you’ll have available to attempt to cover the incredible 300 km of the DawnToDusk300 V riding your 50 cc. 

An entire, memorable day to run around (and revel) through the Most Beautiful Tuscany with friends from all over Europe. The 5th Edition of the DawnToDusk300 brings of a completely new fairytale route that will leave you literally speechless once again. 

The perfect day to forge Fantastic Friendships and succumb, together with hundreds of pilots from all over Europe, to the Unique Pleasures that these Dream Territories have to offer.

But make no mistake, Tuscany is a tough nut to crack; in this time trial reserved exclusively for 50 cc Classic mopeds, you’ll have to tame winding curves and treacherous hills, one after the other.

You’ll be in the saddle from the first ray of sunshine to the last one, then darkness will inexorably bring down the end credits on your Adventure. Put on your Ray Bans and jump on the saddle, the sun is shining and out there awaits a land that, this time, apart from its legendary beauty, will serve you everything. Wicked ups and downs, treacherous country roads and who knows, even grandpa Levante who might block your way with his tractor.


OK, it’s true, we don’t know for sure if he was also riding a 50 cc Vespa, but the story of Dracula’s character fleeing daylight inspired us, on the contrary, to imagine the DawnToDusk300 time trial. We introduce you to the endurance (and tanned) side of Raidtribe, a 300 km dawn-to-dusk time trial on 50cc Classic mopeds.

Take on this fantastic Road Adventure to be tackled in one breath, from dawn to dusk, through scenic but challenging country lanes, perched villages and picturesque characters.


The routes of RaidTribe events are Spectacular, and of Unique Beauty. Just ask those who have already participated. We dedicate a crazy amount of time to studying our routes, choosing, meter by meter, only the most beautiful and highly scenic roads. 

This is one of the reasons that makes the DawnToDusk300 such a Special event, an award-winning manifestation with a 97.7% satisfaction rating that records an Extraordinarily high number of Pilots returning to the event Edition after Edition.


a thousand always different emotions.

Every Edition a Brand New Story. 

In the V Edition, not even a meter will be the same as in past Editions. Get ready to hop on the saddle: May 10, 2025, awaits you for a Fairy Tale Day on a Legendary track, capable once again of showing you a spectacular and unprecedented face of Tuscany, the region that has redefined the meaning of Beauty.
Fabulous white roads, princely villages, mighty forests, and natural wonders, unforgettable flavors, and breathtaking landscapes, the V Edition will serve you a distillate so pure and sublime of Tuscany that you won’t want to go home anymore. 
Get your 50cc out and Get Ready to Experience Endless Fun with hundreds of new Friends from all over Europe; this is the DawnToDusk300.


Savor every curve and collect unforgettable landscapes, make fantastic friendships and enjoy, all together, the many pleasures that Tuscany can offer.

Then, if these things are satisfied, you will be able to complete the route and become a Finisher even better, but trust us, come here just for fun and it will be a success.

Live tracking and media coverage, the pedigree of RaidTribe events.

Bringing people closer to the world of  Vespa and Moped Adventure Raids, from the most epic ones as the Nordkapp Classic Raid to the DawnToDuskXL and DawnToDusk300, is a challenge that we accept with Great Passion and dedication. For this reason, we provide a live map on the website and follow live the stories of our crews with photographic and video material that will excite and entertain, touching the heart of every Road Lover.


In this exciting time trial, daylight will decide who is IN and who is OUT. To qualify as a finisher of the DawnToDusk300, please reach the finish line by cocktail hour, but not a minute later.


Put aside the bucolic landscapes and the soft hills, Tuscany becomes a compelling arsenal of beautiful pitfalls in the DawnToDusk300 version. Share the magical atmosphere of dawn with your new fearless friends and get ready for the challenge, the longest day has finally arrived.


Adventure + Time Trial + 50 cc mopeds. Can you imagine anything more epic and explosive? We can, 300 km to be tackled all in one breath, without any support and in total autonomy.


Vespa, Ciao, Si, Booster, Malaguti F10, Garelli, Amico, a list that could be endless and refers to the little low-power mopeds equipped with a 50 CC engine that have made history. This sun-kissed challenge is reserved for them, vehicles with a maximum engine size of 50 cc and produced before the year 2000. Come forward and line up at the start.


In the DawnToDusk300, there’s no space for pining together in front of a fiery red sunset. In this sensational time trial in pursuit of the last ray of sunshine, only single crews are allowed.


Do you want to participate in the DawnToDusk300 but don’t have a Moped? No fear. Before registering for the event, send us an email and we will give you information on the availability of rental vehicles at a discounted price.


The organization will equip you with satellite technology and from the first ray of sunshine to the last you will be at the center of a fantastic story where everyone, friends, relatives and adventure enthusiasts from all over the world will be free to cheer for you, following your live location on the event map.

All asphalt, with a touch of White

Crossing Tuscany without savoring the wonderful white roads is a crime that you could never forgive us. For this reason we have created a breathtaking route, entirely on asphalt, but with very short stretches of country roads that smell of hay.


20 years of experience in this world have taught us that the best way to spread and convey the spirit of Adventure to others is to tell the story of the person who is experiencing it with Passion. For this reason, in the RaidTribe events, you will always see us in the field, together with you, to document your Fantastic Adventures.