dawn to dusk xl

september 6-7-8, 2024
small displacement Adventure Raid

dawn to dusk xl

Raise the Stakes and your Expectations.

Get ready to face an extraordinary 700 km motor Adventure that reveals, in just three days over a weekend, the hidden gems and Scenic Wonders of Central Italy.

We’ve taken everything you love about our best-selling event DawnToDusk300 and multiplied it by three, adding salt, pepper… and tabasco. More Roads, more laughter, and all the Emotions that only the Great Adventures of several days bring with them. Hop into the saddle and join Pilots from all over Europe, the Turbo for fun now has a name: DawnToDuskXL.


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Limited Slots.

dawn to dusk xl

Vespas, Mopeds, Motorcycles, Café Racers, present yourself on the starting grid of DawnToDuskXL with any two-wheeled vehicle (Sidecars allowed) with a maximum displacement of 125 cc produced before 2000. 

Depending on the production year of your vehicle, you will participate in one of the 3 XL Categories: 

Jurassic Glories – vehicles up to 125 cc produced before 1975
Rusty Beauties – vehicles up to 125 cc produced before 1990
Modern Fireballs – vehicles up to 125 cc produced before 2000


Understood correctly: the XL version gives you more time, but we damn well stick to our successful Dawn to Dusk format. This implies that to cover the 700 km route and become a Finisher, you can only be on the road each day of the event with the sun shining in the sky. In other words, if we see you moving on the live map before dawn or after sunset, it breaks our hearts to say it, but you’ll see “Game Over” on your Adventure. So, here’s our advice: to make your DawnToDuskXL truly memorable, enjoy the road until sunset, and then smoothly transition to the table of a welcoming “Osteria” with your Adventure Companions. You’ll experience something truly wonderful!

Your first step towards great adventures.

Consider DawnToDuskXL as your launching pad toward the glory and fame of Great Adventures, like the legendary Nordkapp Classic Raid. This event has been designed to let you experience, in just 3 days, all the dynamics and emotions that make great adventures special. You can bet on it : during DawnToDuskXL you’ll finally make that fantastic mental leap that allows you to develop the spirit of adventure, unlock your full potential, and aim high.

Because a 700 km adventure is no different from a 4000 km one.

700 kilometers of extraordinary, enchanting Central Italy.

At RaidTribe, we don’t joke around when it comes to designing routes. It’s the pedigree of our events, and those who participate know it well. We combed through Central Italy as if we were dowsers (with a few stops here and there for an espresso) to discover hidden treasures and the most iconic and incredible roads in Tuscany, Umbria, and Marche.

The result? An unparalleled road experience and a meticulously planned route that will leave you petrified by its beauty. What awaits you? Some of the Most Beautiful Borghi of Italy, endless rural charm, the Monti Sibillini National Park with open spaces reminiscent of the great American West, the mighty nature of the Casentinesi Forests, the ochre land of Valdorcia, lush vineyards, the scent of hay and olives, imposing castles, and magnificent medieval fortresses. Are you ready to feast your eyes?

At DawnToDuskXL even the Splendor is multiplied by 3.

A collection of emotions

Every curve, every trajectory and every scenery you’ll witness at DawnToDuskXL will provide you with an abundance of excitement, joy and fulfillment that will make you forget the fleeting pleasure of Facebook notifications (take that, Zuckerberg!).

Detach yourself from the screen and return to having fun in a real world made of Friendship, Freedom and Dreamy Landscapes. A unique and thrilling challenge in the most beautiful Italy, open to Pilots of all ages.

small displacement, big fun

At DawnToDuskXL, we celebrate all two-wheeled vehicles up to 125 cc produced before 2000.

We’ll never tire of saying it: on modern, powerful, and reliable vehicles, there can be no adventure. That’s why we await you on the starting grid, riding a limited-power vehicle with a few wrinkles (or many). It’s your chance to prove that this time, size doesn’t matter, and the greatness of a challenge is not measured in displacement but in the number of stories to tell around the campfire.

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In this spectacular adventure raid, you can participate either solo or as a duo. However, rest assured that from the start and throughout the journey, you’ll encounter new friends you’ve been waiting to meet.

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700 km and 3 regions, each more enchanting than the last. Medieval villages, majestic forests, beckoning hills and mouthwatering dishes. A spectacular route that will allow you to see Italy like never before.

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Keyword: Autonomy. The DawnToDuskXL is an adventure to be undertaken independently and without assistance, not a gathering. The first commandment of RaidTribe is never betrayed.

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Run into the garage and pull out from the dust the CB 125 of Grandpa Felicetto or any other epic two-wheeled vehicle hungry for the road; at DTDXL you are free to participate with any two-wheeled vehicle with a maximum displacement of 125 cc produced before 2000.

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All asphalt, with a touch of White

The enchanting beauty of the Central Italy regions also lies in the marvelous white roads that traverse them. For this reason, we’ve designed a breathtaking route, almost entirely on asphalt, with short stretches of country roads fragrant with hay.

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We will equip you with satellite technology, and from the first kilometer to the last, you’ll be at the center of a fantastic story where everyone – friends, family, and adventure enthusiasts from around the world – will be free to cheer for you, following your live position on the event map.