Adventure will save the world

It’s more or less like this: at first, there’s skepticism and mistrust, then the idea of taking part comes to mind, perhaps without revealing to anyone the unhealthy intention of being at the start, and finally, take a guess, you’re ready for anything just to enter the fray and still feel like a twenty-year-old person.

That’s the Power of Adventure, the real one, the one that will save the World and people’s Lives. In RaidTribe, we know it well, hundreds of people have used Adventure to change their lives and smile again.

And it is exactly in this way, with a shy approach that then becomes a sound obsession, that an unprecedented audience has come into existence over the last ten years, that of those who ride a Vespa or a Ciao and decide to conquer the world.

Epic distances, precarious means, fun guaranteed

We have designed three incredible events that will unite free spirits around the world and amplify already memorable stories into legendary experiences.


From Dawn to Dusk, to the last ray of sunlight. Embark on a thrilling 300km challenge on Vespa and mopeds with a maximum engine size of 50cc and manufactured before the year 2000. No support and total autonomy. You have 14 hours and 21 minutes before the darkness of sunset draws the curtain on your adventure, so ride your moped and put on your Ray Bans, the sun is following its cycle and the RaidTribe road is just waiting for you.

WHEN : MAY 6, 2023

CREWS : 200


The World’s most popular two-wheeled Adventure Raid is also a profoundly life-changing experience, especially if it is carried out on daring, low-powered vehicles. Anyone who has at least a hint of adventure has always dreamed of conquering the North Cape on his Vespa or moped.

The NordKapp Classic Raid will take you up there, to the top of the world, right at the time when the world’s most incredible natural phenomenon, the Midnight Sun, is taking place.

We will provide you with a breathtaking 4000 km route that will take you to the most beautiful corners of Europe together with hundreds of people, allowing you to share a story that you will proudly pass on around the bonfire.

Equipped with a satellite device that will show your position from start to finish, you will be the favorite pastime of friends and fans who will be able to follow your incredible challenge live on the Live map for the duration of the Raid.

4 validation checkpoints along the route, total autonomy, a time limit of 13 days and vehicles of different brands and models allowed, as long as they are manufactured up to year 2010 and have a maximum engine size of 250 cc. An unsupported legendary challenge to the Arctic Circle and the point where the World ends.

WHEN : JUNE 3-16, 2023

CREWS : 100