JUNE 1-17, 2024
Italy-Nordkapp Continental Classic Raid


A Vespa, over 4000 km of Incredible Adventure and 10 countries to cross to conquer the North Cape and witness the miracle of the Midnight Sun. This is the Nordkapp Classic Raid, the Vespa Adventure towards the Arctic Circle.

3 dedicated Categories:

Super Classic – Vespa produced before 1985
Classic – Vespa produced before 2000
Modern Classic – Vespa produced within the year 2015

Registration in Progress, Limited slots available.


The Nordkapp Classic Raid is the Vespa Adventure of a Lifetime.


Registrations for the 2024 Edition II open on 1 November 2023, slots are limited.
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We have an extraordinary script for Oscar-winning protagonists. Since the 1950s, every year, people from all over Europe set off on their Vespas, for the destination of destinations: Nordkapp.

It’s time to bring these free spirits together in a Unique and Breathtaking event, capable of turning even the most timid luminary into an adolescent. Accept the challenge and embark on the Greatest Adventure Raid on a Vespa. Cross dreamy landscapes, become exhilarated with freedom and make friends with unlikely characters in the most incredible Vespa Adventure on the planet.


A spectacular 4000 km route, the same for everyone. Join the funniest Vespa Raid on the planet, among exciting world stories, new fellow travelers and infinite horizons.


4 incredible checkpoints await you along the road to the Nordkapp. The ideal moment to get your passage stamp and have a chat before setting off again. Remember, checkpoints are mandatory!


Your Vespa will have to cover the entire distance to the Nordkapp. Whether it’s shabby or newly restored, there are only two conditions: independence and no accompanying vehicles. Because adventure means adventure.


You have between 13 and 17 days to reach the North Cape by Vespa, become a finisher in Europe’s longest Vespa Adventure Raid and witness the breathtaking scenery of the Midnight Sun. An epic challenge for iron adventurers (and iron bottom).

vespa world

The Nordkapp Classic Raid is our Tribute Adventure dedicated to an extraordinary vehicle: the Vespa. Only Vespa models produced within the year 2015 are admitted to the Raid. Dust off the old glories, the opportunity to carve your name into history is now


The Adventure of Adventures is open to single crews and pairs. The choice is yours – breathe in every moment of this incredible story and keep it all to yourself, or share this legendary Overland AdventureRaid with a trusted traveling companion. Either way, it will be unforgettable.


The Staff will provide you with a satellite transmitter so that your friends, family and adventure enthusiasts from all over the world will be free to cheer you on, drooling with envy, as they follow your location live on the live event map, from the start to the finish line in the Nordkapp.


Do you want to participate but live far from the starting point? No worry! We have combined the Event with efficient transport services that can be booked on request. From the return of your Vespa from Nordkapp to the delivery of the vehicle to the starting point, up to the broom wagon, at the Nordkapp Classic Raid you can experience only the Best of Adventure, we’ll take care of the rest we! (info on the faq page at points 37, 38 and 39).


20 years of experience in this world have taught us that the best way to spread and transmit the spirit of adventure to others is to tell the story of whoever is doing it with passion. For this reason, in the RaidTribe events, you will always see us in the field, together with you, to document and tell, with incredible contents, memorable Overland Adventures Raids.