JUNE 1-17, 2024
Italy-Nordkapp Continental Classic Raid



To send email communications to participants and crews, we use a program that your email client (outlook / Gmail / etc ..) could, in some cases, classify as SPAM. For this reason, if you do not receive our emails, we suggest you check the SPAM box, you will probably find our email there. If, on the other hand, you still do not receive communications from the staff, write to and we will check.

Important : sending communications via e-mail is safe and is the channel that the organization uses to keep updated the participants. Sometimes, however, the e-mail messages may not arrive at their destination, for various reasons, so always remember that it is your responsibility to also check the other channels of the event to stay updated on any news, changes or program changes.

In RaidTribe events you are 100% responsible for your Adventure.

The Staff will provide you with an extraordinary route to follow, information that makes the difference, unprecedented media coverage and colorful traveling companions with whom you can share memorable experiences, thus enabling you to take part, even as a beginner, in spectacular Adventures. Having said that, however, remember that we remain faithful to the concept of Adventure and during the events you will not receive any support or assistance from the Staff. These are not motorcycle supported rallies, but autonomous adventures.

From departure until arrival you will be completely free to establish your strategy and your schedule, decide when to stop, where to rest, where to eat and how to deal with and manage the changing conditions and the fantastic territories that will parade alongside you along the way.

Without support it means that you will not receive help from the Staff and that you will not be able to have vehicles in tow, but you are free at any time to provide and receive support from the other crews or to contact whoever you want (workshops, commercial activities, hotels, restaurants, etc. ) to solve technical problems and needs of all kinds.

From the moment of departure and until arrival, the Staff will follow you along the entire route only with control functions and to document your Adventure, with photographers and video makers, creating incredible contents that will be launched on the event channels, live, for the entire duration of the event.

Each crew will also receive a satellite app or device capable of tracking the position on the live map of the event at any time, thus allowing fans from all over the world, friends and relatives, to follow your Adventure live. It is the obligation of each crew to constantly track their position on the event map.

Now it’s up to you and your Vespa, there is a whole world out there to conquer.

20 years ago, almost by chance, we decided to embark, as self-taught and chasing a romantic idea, on long expeditions by land in extreme territories located in every corner of the planet. It was a splendid madness that changed our lives in a radical and incredibly positive way, a madness that, living it all on our skin and learning from our mistakes, taught us every aspect of this wonderful world of two-wheeled adventure raids.

The first lesson we learned as self-taught is that things happen first in our mind and then in reality. And the Adventure, like everything else, follows the same rules. It requires a preparatory mental switch that tunes us to the desire to put ourselves to the test and to that magnificent feeling of uncertainty and epic, so far from everyday life, but typical of overland raids. Our mission is to bring people to live in a real and fulfilling world made of challenges, infinite roads to rest your eyes on and above all, a magnificent side effect for which perhaps we really do, return to feel alive and at the helm of our own life.

The second precious lesson that the Adventure has revealed to us is that the fears that always accompany the Adventures by land before departure often remain only fears that then do not turn into reality. This does not mean that the Adventure must be faced lightly, on the contrary, it requires awareness and a sense of responsibility, but on the basis of dozens of Raids we can tell you with sufficient certainty that in every corner of the planet you will probably find, in case of problems, someone ready to help you who will surprise you with his support and his goodness of mind.

The world out there is not just what the media portray and people immediately fall in love with the stories of those who have the courage to tackle hundreds of kilometers or an entire continent on a 30-year-old Vespa or moped. You will see it with your own eyes and the reason, if you think about it, is quite simple: it is the dream that almost everyone would like to realize.

Registration for the 2024 Edition of the Nordkapp Classic Raid will open on November 1, 2023 at 3 pm. For the 2024 edition, a maximum of 150 crews (single or couple) will be admitted, after which the registration will be automatically closed.

The registration procedure will take place on the event website ( through a simple and fast procedure with the Paypal payment system.

To register for the Nordkapp Classic Raid 2024 you need:

– Accept the disclaimers and event rules during the registration process

– Enter all the required data and proceed with the payment of the registration fee.

Once you have completed the registration and payment process, you will be 100% certain that you are on board.

The organization may, at any time and at its sole discretion, reserve the right to refuse registration, providing for the immediate refund of the fee paid.

Registration for the event is non-refundable and is valid only for the current edition.

But it is right, and we would like to explain the reasons: unlike other adventure events in RaidTribe we have extremely clear standards of the event and we immediately decided to create an event with certain quality characteristics.

These features have a very high cost.

Whether it is the inspections made by the Staff throughout Europe or the maniacal study with which we provide a track of 4000 km, the complete coverage of the event on the spot with professionals following the raid, 2 service cars and latest generation equipment, or of the GPRS trackers / App included in the registration, as well as the management of an extremely complex transport service that allows you to enjoy only the outward journey without worrying about the return, the Nordkapp Classic Raid , at the time of writing, it is the only non-competitive Overland Adventure, which offers and guarantees such a level of quality, services and investments on these mileage and in addition to competitive rally events.

In a micro world like that of Vespa events and overland Raids, this is easily verifiable and since we are sure of what we are saying, we invite you to check: get informed.

Precisely for the standards that we have decided to give to the event since its inception and whatever the number of participants, we undertake in advance to guarantee an unchanged level of quality that does not depend in any way on our Partners and sponsors of the event, incurring huge costs both in the launch phase and later, on the basis of each subscriber to the event.

This is the reason why your registration fee, even if you decide not to use it, will be used to keep the Nordkapp Classic Raid active and more and more maintained.

In case of non-participation, the event package will not be shipped.

To participate in the Nordkapp Classic Raid it is not necessary to be a member of the Vespa Club or other associations. However, if you are already a member of another Italian Vespa Club, the Vespa Club Firenze Card included in the registration for the event will not overlap with that of your Club to which you belong as it is an internal card of the Florence Club only and is not issued by the Vespa Club Italia.

Cancellation – If, for reasons of force majeure that do not depend on the organization but on environmental and / or health causes at a national or international and / or other level, the event could not take place safely, the event will be canceled, the amount paid at the time of registration will not be refunded but will be considered valid for the next edition.

Relocation – For reasons of force majeure or other serious reasons, which could jeopardize the preparation of the event or the participation in it by a number of people not less than half of the members, the Organization reserves the right to move the place and / or date of the event within the same calendar year. In this case, the fee paid for registration will be valid for the event on the rescheduled date, without increasing costs for members. In this case, it is not possible to move the registration to the following year’s edition.

At the Nordkapp Classic Raid, the real heritage of the event is you. You will embark on a memorable two-wheeled experience that will inspire other people, for this reason, once registered you will be the protagonist of the Crews 2024 page. The world needs lightness and positive examples.

During the registration process for the event you will be able to provide us the information that we will use to create the crew page, in particular we will ask you:

Crew category: indicate if single or couple
Name of the crew (Team)
Name of the vehicle
Model and year of your Vespa, motorcycle or moped
Name of Sponsor 1 :
Name of Sponsor 2 :
Name of Sponsor 3 :
Name of Sponsor 4 :

The crews of the Nordkapp Classic Raid are included in the Crews page with a graphic card reserved for each crew which includes, in addition to the photo of the crew members, also the logos of any sponsors who support the team (up to 4).

The photo of each participant is mandatory and must be sent, together with the logos of any sponsors, only by email, to the address:, within 20 days from the date of registration for the event.

Once registrations are complete, the Crews 2024 page will be online with the list of all the Crews participating in the Nordkapp Classic Raid II 2024.

To participate it is mandatory to be in possession and upon request present to the organization:

IDENTITY DOCUMENTS VALID FOR EVERY COUNTRY CROSSED (identity card for European citizens or passport / visa for non-European citizens)

It is also mandatory to have:

TRAVEL INSURANCE POLICY (to cover medical and repatriation expenses)



It is the participant’s sole responsibility to be in possession of the necessary documents to access the various countries crossed by the event.

For European citizens only an identity card is required while for non-European citizens a passport is required, with or without a visa. We therefore invite you to inquire at your consular offices to obtain updated information on the matter.


It is mandatory to take out personal health insurance that covers any hospital and repatriation expenses, valid for the entire duration of the event, covering all the countries crossed by the Nordkapp Classic Raid.

It is the sole responsibility of the participant to be in possession of this documentation, in addition to that required by law for driving on roads open to traffic, such as driving licence, vehicle insurance, road tax and any other mandatory legal documentation.

If we asked you to reach Nordkapp on a modern BMW GS or another Gran Turismo motorcycle, believe us, what would remain as a gift for the years to come would be just the memory of a beautiful journey. Of course, immersed in dream landscapes, but always and only a journey.

At the Nordkapp Classic Raid we celebrate the Adventure and aim for the concrete improvement of your life. To do this we need to make you experience a truly Special Story.

For this reason you will cover an epic distance, with ever-changing conditions, on one of the most legendary vehicles in the history of man: His Majesty the Vespa.

Whether you participate as a single crew or as a couple you can take part in the event with:

Piaggio Vespa, motorcyles or mopeds of any model max 300 cc produced by 2015.

Depending on the year of production of your vehicle, you will participate into one of the following 3 categories:

Super Classic – Vespa, motorcycles and mopeds max 300 cc produced by 1985 Classic – Vespa, motorcycles and mopeds max 300 cc produced by 2000
Modern Classic – Vespa, motorcycles and mopeds max 300 cc produced by 2015

Since the event is a non-competitive Adventure and not a race, the organizer is exempt from checking the departing vehicles to verify their compliance with the factory documents. It is therefore always the exclusive responsibility of the participating crew to respond to possible checks by the police, for non-compliant / elaborate / modified vehicles that do not meet the safety criteria of the highway code.

In the Nordkapp Classic Raid you can participate as a crew of two, but only one of the two will be able to drive. It is not allowed to alternate driving the vehicle, which is why, during the registration process for the event, you will have to indicate the name of the Pilot and that of the Navigator.

The Nordkapp Classic Raid is a NON-COMPETITIVE Ultra Distance Vespa Raid that takes place on roads open to traffic. The crews are required to be extremely careful and to comply with the rules of the road. This is an event to be faced with a sense of responsibility, awareness and desire to have fun.

Non-EU participants can request the invitation letter to the event staff by 15 February 2024, only by email (, providing:

Copy of the passport
Name / surname / nationality
Period of stay in the EU (from – to)
Type of visa required: usually tourist

The preparation of the invitation letter requires the Staff, from the moment of your request, about a month’s time and will be sent to you by email once ready. Therefore, we recommend foreign participants who are required to have a visa to enter the EU to request the letter immediately after registration in order to activate the procedure for applying for a visa well in advance. Consider that if you apply for a visa with a reduced margin of time, you will be unable, if there is a problem, to resolve it with the Italian representation abroad.

The gpx file of the route 2024, the same you will upload onto your GPS device or will already find uploaded to the WHIP app, will be sent to the participants about 1 month before the start of the event (early May).

Remember that it is your sole responsibility to check and study the track, organize yourself and anticipate the various aspects of the challenge, including available support and supply points.

Detailed information on the event, the starting point, times and everything you need to enjoy the Nordkapp Classic Raid experience to the fullest is reserved for registered Crews only and will be provided in a complete Digital Guide which is sent by email , to registered Pilots, approximately 45 days before the event (around mid-April 2024).

Indicatively within the month of February and before the Digital Guide is sent, all Registered Crews will be sent other content regarding practical information of various types. Important information that can help Crews organize and manage an Adventure of this magnitude.

Preparing a track of over 4000 km by choosing the best and safest roads in Europe is a huge commitment and work that we take extremely seriously. It requires months of work, high costs and many site inspections. Given this commitment, we are therefore willing to take on this responsibility only for our participating crews.

We therefore remind you that the track of the event is STRICTLY RESERVED for participants only, disclosure or sharing on the internet is NOT ALLOWED, for any reason and in any platform, be it a travel forum or a group of  Vespa travel enthusiasts. The GPX files of the route are sent individually to each crew and are always identified by a unique code. This means that in the unfortunate event that we find our track available to people NOT participating in the event, we will be able to figure out who released the track.

Sharing the track constitutes a violation of the event rules and as such, the affected participant will be stripped of any Finisher Qualification, prevented from taking part in our events in the future and if disclosure occurred during the event the participant will lose the right to use the accessory vehicle transport service from the North Cape.

For the same reason, if during the event our service cars should find a participant along with NON-participants on the route, the organization, also in this case, following discussions with the participant concerned, will be able to take the necessary measures .

At Nordkapp Classic Raid safety comes first

In the 2024 edition the route is provided by the organization and is the same for all crews, this with a dual purpose:

1) Allow maximum sharing, among the participants, of what is a unique and unrepeatable experience, making everyone go through the same path and thus increasing the possibilities for interaction and support between the participants

2) Allowing you to discover some of the most enchanting roads and corners of Europe that we have traced, while at the same time limiting the risks associated with traveling on roads that are not suitable for motorcycles / small engine size scooters.

With on-site inspections and through cartographic research we have in fact privileged scenic and secondary roads to avoid heavy traffic and dangerous conditions.

It is undeniable however, even with all our attention and scrupulousness, that we cannot foresee in any way the conditions that you will find on the street at the time of the event, so here are some rules for interpreting the trace that has been provided to you:



At any time and for any reason related to your safety, traffic and road conditions, and therefore including road works, detours and any other imponderable situation that you may find yourself facing along the track that we have provided you, you are free, at your discretion, to leave the track and to resume it as soon as the conditions found have ceased and your safety is once again guaranteed.

You can therefore deviate from the track at any time and then resume it as soon as possible later, using alternative roads at your discretion, if conditions require it. In any case, the organization will always be able to verify your route and your position, therefore temporary deviations are allowed for the reasons mentioned above, but for the purposes of fairness and loyalty, no obvious and unreasonable cuts to the path that was provided to you.



Of course, you can also leave the track to reach a hotel, a restaurant or visit a place near the route, but in this case you will have to re-enter the track exactly at the point where you left it.

Remember that the Nordkapp Classic Raid is an Adventure in complete autonomy and it is always your responsibility to study the route we have prepared, aware of the fact that if the conditions you will find at the time of the event are different from what was expected, for whatever reason, you will have always the right to choose another route and to resume the track as soon as possible.


The .gpx file that we send by email to the crews or that you find already loaded on the WHIP app is the result of dozens of hours of work spent on the maps and physically spent on the territory, with the aim of choosing only the most beautiful roads for you and safe as possible. The fixed route provided by the organization is the added value of RaidTribe events.

Receiving a carefully studied route that you will only have to follow is completely different from inserting a location independently on any navigator. In fact, if you ask a navigator to take you to a specific place, it is the navigator who decides the road, not you.

Navigators don’t take into account the purpose of your trip or whether a scenic route is preferable to the shortest one, they don’t take into account traffic flows and in general, trust us, a million other things. Basically, when you tell the navigator “take me there”, you put yourself in his hands, without knowing in detail the route you will be asked to take.

In RaidTribe events the goal is Fun and this means not only covering the distance between the starting point of the event and its arrival, but doing it in the most spectacular and safest way possible, using only the most beautiful and safest roads , precisely chosen by our staff thanks to the numerous inspections on the territory and cartographic research.

This is exactly the reason why we don’t limit ourselves to simply telling you to go from A to B, (for this a simple navigator would be enough) as happens in many adventure raid in which, using the excuse of total autonomy, the staff does not take on the task of plotting the best possible route, but instead provide you with a file that will take you, curve after curve, until the completion of the challenge. It will be sufficient to load the file on your GPS or on Google Maps and you will be able to follow it without problems, but with a road chosen and traced by people who have been involved in adventure for over 20 years and with the aim of making you live a unique experience, not by an algorithm.



During the Nordkapp Classic Raid :


You will broadcast your position live on the live map of the event (  – activated a few hours before the event and followed by friends, family and thousands of enthusiasts from home.

You will follow the Fabulous Route provided by the organization



To TRANSMIT your location:



About a week before the event the WHIP satellite service provider will send you an activation link via email (to the email you provided when registering for the event / the email will come directly from Whip and not from RaidTribe / check that the email did not end up in the SPAM box !) as an accredited Pilot and by following the instructions provided you will activate your profile on the app.

Once you have created your profile on the app thanks to the activation link you will find the “Nordkapp Classic Raid” event. Register for the event on the app and from the moment the event starts, from 8 am on Saturday 1 June 2024, your phone, without you having to do anything else, will automatically transmit your position to the live map. Tracking costs are fully covered by the organization.



To FOLLOW THE ROUTE provided you have 3 alternatives, at your complete discretion:




GPS is the ideal tool when it comes to adventure and it is what we recommend you use for the Nordkapp Classic Raid. If you want to enjoy the navigation experience to the fullest without depending on the 4G network or excessive battery consumption, not to mention the robustness of the GPS compared to the smartphone, equip yourself with Cartographic GPS. With the GPS you can load the route file directly on the device and have it always available.


The advantages of GPS:


– does not use the cellular network and data but always connects directly to the satellites, so you will always find the path to follow available even in the presence of no signal.

it is often a tropicalized device. Unlike smartphones, it is generally designed to withstand water, wind, dust and shocks.

– it has a much lower energy consumption than a smartphone because the gps essentially does only one thing, while the smartphone uses, often at the same time, dozens of apps that limit battery life.


To upload the event route to the GPS, simply connect the GPS to the computer where you downloaded the track of the route (GPX file). The GPS folder will then appear on the Desktop and once you have identified the file folder inside, just drag the GPX file into the device folder. When the GPS device restarts, you should see the track we sent you and at that point it will be sufficient to select it and follow the route on the map, with navigation that is very similar to classic road navigators.



The same satellite App that you will need to install on your phone to broadcast the position live can also be used as a navigator, with convenient voice instructions that will allow you to enjoy the route with greater freedom, without checking your mobile phone screen too often. To use WHIP in navigator mode you will need to activate the PLUS profile.

The PLUS profile is a paid subscription but includes a free trial period (it can only be activated once for free so if you have already activated it in the past, know that by activating the PLUS profile again you will receive an immediate charge, however you can select the 1-month subscription at a cost of only 6 euros, and then cancel without further charges) so you can activate it without any charge and then, at the end of the event, deactivate it immediately, so as not to incur any cost or only 1 month. Deleting the PLUS profile takes 30 seconds.

If you decide to use Whip for navigation and once you have activated the PLUS profile you don’t have to do anything else, you will find the Nordkapp Classic Raid route already loaded on the app, ready to be followed.




If you have chosen to follow the route using Google Maps you will have to load the track (.gpx file) not on the phone, but by creating a new map starting from MyMaps. No panic, here’s how to do it.

Log in to your Google account (from a pc) and then go to MyMaps:


Click on “Create a New Map

On the next page choose “IMPORT”:

Then select the gpx file sent by the organization and drag it (or add it from the folder where the file is located) into the following screen:

Once Google Maps has processed the file you will see the map with the entire route at your disposal (blue line):

From now on you will always find it available on your Google Drive (app to download for free on your phone) and you can thus view and follow it whenever you want, simply by clicking on it, with the automatic opening of the Google Maps app (also installed on your phone)



Now all that remains is to have Fun on the most beautiful roads we have chosen for you and if you are wondering how to position the smartphone on the vespa so that you can easily read the route, in point 17 of the faq you will also find the answer to this.

Yes, you can, at any time and at your complete discretion, in these cases:

Reasons related to your safety:

If the conditions you find on the route provided are unsafe for various reasons, from sudden traffic flows, deterioration of the road surface, detours, accidents or other imponderable reasons that you may unexpectedly encounter, you are free to leave the route and re-enter further on, even making cuts if necessary, as soon as the safety conditions on the road have been restored.

Reasons other than security:

If you want to get off the track to visit a place off the track or you want to get to a hotel to spend the night, a restaurant or a mechanical workshop, you can do it without problems, but in this case you have to get back on the track exactly at the point where the you abandoned.

The Nordkapp Classic Raid is not a Race but the most Incredible Adventure that you can experience on the saddle of a Vespa, but given the scope of the Challenge, Fairness and Honesty towards the Riders who share this Raid with you are fundamental so remember, we have few rules but they must be respected.

Whatever the tool with which you will view the route on the screen, you will have to hook your GPS / smartphone to the handlebar of your Vespa / moped.

On the market there are hooks of any kind that can help you travel in a practical and safe way, allowing you to easily read the route. One of the most effective attachments is undoubtedly the one to the rear-view mirror.

You can find different types of hooks simply by searching for “moto gps hooks” or “motorcycle smartphone hooks”.

The Meeting with the participants in the afternoon of Friday 31 May 2024 (from 15:00 to 18:00) will take place in Florence, at:

(details will be sent to the participants)

The Grand Depart of the Nordkapp Classic Raid 2024, at 8 am on Saturday 1 June 2024 (7.00 Meeting / 8.00 Departure) will take place in Florence, at:

(details will be sent to the participants)

Here is the exact address with GPS coordinates:

(details will be sent to the participants)

Many of you come from all over the world to participate in this Incredible Raid. For an overnight stay in Florence before the start of the Raid, we have identified a structure that allows you to stay overnight in a modern context and at advantageous prices, especially considering that the suggested structure is almost in the city center and just 3 km away from the starting point of the Nordkapp Classic Raid.

We are talking about Camping Hu Firenze which, contrary to the name, also and above all offers comfortable and modern bungalows for 3 and 5 people at a competitive price.

The structure is new, modern and well organized, complete with shops, swimming pool and restaurant inside.

 Here is the link to the site of the structure where you can make the reservation:

Other solutions for staying overnight, in addition to the city centre, can easily be found in the municipalities close to Florence, such as Signa, Montelupo, Lastra a Signa.

In fact, keep in mind that you are not required to come by Vespa to the meeting on Friday 30 May (the day before departure), so you can also reach the center of Florence by train from neighboring towns.

Many participants have written to us asking how to find accommodation during the trip. Here too, as for many other aspects seen previously, we repeat again that today finding different places to stay overnight every night is infinitely simpler than before, and this thanks to the Apps that can be downloaded on the phone, such as Booking / Kayak / Trivago / AirBnb.

These apps easily bring all the accommodation options in a given geographical area to your phone and book any facility in just 1 minute (hotel, B&B, camping, farmhouse, apartment, etc.).

You could do exactly as we have done hundreds of times:

At a certain time of the day, may be around 3-4pm (if you think you want to stop around 5-6pm), you can take the phone and search on Booking by entering, as the geographical area in which to look for accommodation, the country do you plan to reach at the end of the day or when you have decided to stop. (The important thing is that you make a reservation at least 1 hour before your arrival at the facility, this is to let the facility know you’re arriving.)

All you need to do is check the Nordkapp Classic Raid route map, establish a town or city ahead of where you are at that moment and search for the structure you prefer in that point to reach using the booking apps.

We assure you that it DOESN’T take anything else to find a different place to sleep every night. A simple procedure with which we have found accommodation in every part of the world, even in more remote and infinitely less served territories than Europe, which we remind you is one of the most developed, anthropized and served continents in the world.

On these apps you can search for the available facilities sorting them by price, by review, by distance from the point where you are and by a thousand other filters, but it’s all extremely simple and always in your language, so as to avoid misunderstandings or booking problems. All you need is a debit or credit card and you can block the reservation without problems, not to mention that many of these hotel and B&B accept reservations with free cancellation.

If you have never booked accommodation with these apps, immediately download on your phone and familiarize yourself with the app. It is important, as with the other aspects of the challenge we told you about above, that you arrive at the departure after having become familiar with all the tools and devices you will use during the trip, and the instant booking apps, we can guarantee you, will be one of the tools you will love most. They guarantee freedom of choice, transparency and above all the possibility of booking with almost no notice, which is essential when you are on an adventure on your own where plans can change from day to day.

In the 2024 Edition of the Nordkapp Classic Raid there are two short ferry, to be booked at the complete discretion of the participating crews:

Rostock (Germany) – Gedser (Denmark) – duration 2 hours
Helsingor (Denmark) – Helsingborg (Sweden) – duration 30 min

All other sea routes are prohibited.

Fairness and loyalty are the foundations of every Adventure. Participating in the NordKapp Classic Raid means putting yourself to the test in a legendary overland adventure raid, which involves awareness and acceptance of every aspect of the challenge. This includes the autonomous management of any problems and unforeseen events that may arise along the way to Nordkapp.

During this Adventure you will have the opportunity to share the road with many new friends, all united towards the greatest Vespa destination you have ever dreamed of, from these travel companions you can receive help and support if you want and if it will be offered to you, but is strictly prohibited the assistance of external support vehicles, in any form and under disqualification of the crew / participant.

If you arrive in Nordkapp or give up on the way, it will only have to be the result of the management and strategy you have decided to adopt during your Adventure, but in any case, believe us, if lived with loyalty it will be a memorable success.

You will be called to manage a challenge that will profoundly change you, allowing you to experience something that in everyday life is not possible, even at a distance, this includes dealing with unexpected events and sudden changes of plans. Only in this way, we assure you, will you treasure this experience for the rest of your life.

Therefore, in cases where the organization ascertains violations of the regulations or even behavior contrary to the founding values ​​or the spirit and philosophy of the event, it is free to adopt, after direct communication to the crew concerned and possibly there is no repentance on the part of the same team, sanctions of various kinds up, for the most serious cases, to the exclusion of the participant from the event.

The participant’s Live Tracking system during the event and the updating of the position of each crew on the LIVEMAP, is provided free of charge by the organization to each participant, for the entire duration of the event. The service will be supplied via satellite app to be downloaded on the phone. 

It is the obligation of the crews to permanently transmit their position, from the departure in Florence to the arrival at the Nordkapp.

The day before the start of the event, the LIVE page will be activated on the event website (, where it will be possible, through an interactive map, to follow the crews from the first meter to the last, with the possibility to see the live position and other useful navigation data and the territories crossed.

It will thus be possible to follow the event and the position of each Team by fans and friends from all over the world, H24.

In RaidTribe events, safety and media coverage, with live transmission of the position of each crew, have always been of fundamental importance.

For this reason, in every event you take part in, there are two aspects that imply, respectively, safety and the sharing of unique and unforgettable experiences.

In each RaidTribe event it is the Staff that directly provides you, through a GPX file and after a careful study of the maps and in the territories, the complete route to follow. Whether it’s a 300 km or 4000 km route, we’ll take care of it. To follow the route (track) use a GPS or a smartphone + app, completely at your discretion.

By Live Tracking we mean the transmission of the position live, and for the entire duration of the event, on the map that is activated on the RaidTribe website and which allows friends, relatives and Adventure enthusiasts from all over the world to follow your crew. For this purpose, you will be provided, free of charge on loan for free use, with a satellite device that you will always keep on, from departure to arrival, to transmit the position on the live map. Alternatively, at the discretion of the organization, a satellite app may be used.

Today there is a difference from the past, there are powerful power banks and various charging sources that can make the devices last for a long time during the long lasting adventures like the NordKapp Classic Raid.

Before the start of the event, the Staff will check that each departing Vespa has the lighting system in perfect working order, furthermore each crew must be in possession of a reflective jacket and helmet for each member of the crew.

In the Nordkapp Classic Raid you will have to pass through 4 Checkpoints along the way. Checkpoints are intermediate checkpoints where each participant must pass to perform a validation action.

To get to the various Checkpoints, all you have to do is follow the route provided by the organization (the checkpoints are marked on the gpx file with a flag).

In the Nordkapp Classic Raid 2024 the following Checkpoints will be active:

– C1 Salzburg (location / timetable / contact details to follow)
– C2 Prague (location / timetable / contact details to follow)
– C3 Copenhagen (location/times/contact details to follow)
– C4 Rovaniemi (location / timetable / contact details to follow)

To perform the mandatory validation action, which can be implemented 24/7, you can, at your discretion:

1) Go to the Checkpoint during opening hours.
During opening hours you will find the Check point staff and the validation action will be represented by the stamping on your CDP (Carnet De Passage) by the Check point staff.

2) Go to the Checkpoint during closing hours.
You will not be able to receive the stamp and you will not find any staff waiting for you, in this case the validation action, verifiable by the organization via satellite, will be your passage in front of the Check point.

The Nordkapp Classic Raid 2024 provides for the physical presence of the Staff on the field up to the North Cape. We are talking about covering the whole of Europe round trip with fully equipped vehicles following the event, nevertheless it is easily understandable how, in an event of this magnitude, it is very difficult, due to the distances faced daily by Crews and Staff, even with huge resources and means, ensure that all participants are present in the photos and videos of the Event.

The quality and the extraordinary number of media content that will be produced by the live event production is usually present in rally events with 20 times the budget but we assure you, based on our experience of over 20 years in adventure media production , that we will make you the protagonists and center stage of an unparalleled enterprise.

We therefore ask for the kindness to understand that we cannot guarantee that all the Pilots will be present in the photos and videos of the event, some will be more present and others unfortunately less, but only for pure logistical reasons and for the enormous distances that distinguish the Event. Your Stories, for us, are all incredible and we will do everything to tell, through interviews, videos and contributions made with the utmost care and quality, what it means to participate in such an event and what are the emotions you feel along the way .

Having said that, if the decision to participate or not in the Nordkapp Classic Raid, for you, depends on the certainty of being present in the videos and/or photos, do not register, because, for the reasons explained above, we cannot guarantee everyone the same coverage.

Remember that the Nordkapp Classic Raid experience will remain unique and indelible, regardless of whether or not you have been immortalized in the videos, which, although beautiful, are only the outline of an Adventure that for the majority of people happens only once in a lifetime , when it happens.

Live the event with serenity and fun, with the sole purpose of taking an extraordinary, incredible break from your daily life, and we guarantee you that you will treasure an experience that will profoundly change the vision of your life and the priorities of the whole your world.

To see the videos, photos and live interviews created by the Staff during each edition, you can follow the Facebook page, the website and the YouTube channel.

Participants in the event will be sent detailed information on the Lapland and Arctic section of the route (last 700 km from Rovaniemi to Nordkapp), with details of the services available, progressive kilometers and any other useful information.

Participants in the event will be sent information and useful advice regarding the most suitable equipment to participate in the Nordkapp Classic Raid.

Participants in the event will be sent detailed information on the mechanical assistance points available along or near the route, as well as the European Vespa Clubs.

Participants in the event will be sent detailed information on the island of Mageroya, with details of the services available in the towns of the island, complete with any other useful information.

Participants in the event will be sent detailed information on the island of Mageroya, with details of the services available in the towns of the island, complete with any other useful information.

The North Cape Visitor Center is open from 11 am to 1:00 am (from 18 May to 31 August 2024)

It has shops, 2 restaurants, 1 café, 1 area dedicated to documentaries and the natural heritage of the North Cape.

At the Nordkapp Classic Raid you are free to arrive at the North Cape at any time of the day; remember, however, that if you arrive during the night or early in the morning you will have to stay outside the Visitor Center until opening hours (11 am), in fact in the North Cape there are no overnight facilities, with the exception of free camping with your own tent, always possible.


The RaidTribe Staff will be present at the North Cape visitor center, to welcome you and register you as a FINISHER, starting from 11 am to 1 am, everyday, from june 13 to june 17.

If you decide to arrive at North Cape during the times when the center is closed and the RaidTribe Staff is not present, your arrival time will be automatically recorded by the satellite system but you will be able to obtain the stamp, the certificate and the registration from our Staff only starting from 11 in the morning.

Advice: Once you arrive in Honningsvag (30 km from the North Cape), evaluate carefully the situation and keep in mind, if you arrive in Honningsvag in the evening, that in the North Cape there are no accommodations to stay overnight, so consider, also in the light of the your physical conditions, the best time for your arrival.

Conceived to give everyone the extraordinary opportunity to experience a legendary Overland Vespa Raid, the Nordkapp Classic Raid is open to different philosophies and roadmaps, this means that you are free to cover the route with maximum freedom and you can arrive at the North Cape when it you will want, equally enjoying the event and its magical atmosphere in all its aspects.

However, know that in order to get the Finisher Certificate of the 2024 Edition you will have to complete the route within the Time Window that goes from 13 june (from 11 am)  to 8 pm of 17 June 2024 (from 13 to 17 days from departure).

If you arrive at Nordkapp before 11 am on 13 June or after 8 pm on 17 June 2024 you will not be registered.

In addition to the Time Window to conquer the North Cape you will also have to respect a time window for each Checkpoint along the way. 

The time windows at the Checkpoints will be communicated to the participants later and will be introduced, from the 2024 Edition, with the sole purpose of increasing and guaranteeing the level of Safety for the Crews.


The 2024 route includes approximately 4400 km of road through 10 countries to be traveled on a Vespa, therefore to obtain the 2024 Finisher Qualification an average coverage ranging from 260 km per day is required (to arrive at the North Cape on 17 June 2024, the last day useful for registration) up to 360 km per day (to arrive at the North Cape on 13 June 2024, the first useful day for registration).

No need to cover crazy distances and only two ferries of very short duration (Rostock – Gedser + Helsingborg – Helsingor) are planned for the 2024 Edition. 

We have prepared an Extraordinary Adventure for you, Enjoy it.

Crews arriving at the North Cape before June 13 (from 11 am) or after 8 pm on June 17th or who have not respected the window time at the 4 Checkpoints will not be registered as Finishers of the Event.

Participants in the event will be sent detailed information on the Finisher registration procedure in Nordkapp.

Participants in the event will be sent detailed information on the Nordkapp Classic Raid Staff present at the Nordkapp visitor center.

We know that in Nordkapp it will be particularly difficult for you to part with your Vespa, especially once it has opened wide the doors of glory and taken you up there to the top of the world. However, not everyone has the time and resources necessary to return to Italy or another european country, from Nordkapp, on a Vespa, once the event is over.

For this reason, to help those who want to participate but have little time, or don’t feel like undertaking the return journey independently, we have organized a service, accessory to the event, of return vehicle transport.

You will therefore have the possibility, if you want and upon reservation to be made before the event (deadline mid april 2024), to deliver your Vespa to North Cape (Honningsvag or Alta) and to receive it at one of the intermediate stops in Europe.

While you, once the Vespa has been delivered to North Cape and with the typical and well-deserved winners drink in the hands, you can comfortably return by plane, in just a few hours, from the international airport of Alta (about 210 km from North Cape / information about available transport and connections will be sent to all participants) or from Honningsvag airport (about 25 km from North Cape / information about available transport and connections will be sent to all participants).

Your Vespa will be loaded onto a special vehicle and brought back to your country with all the care and attention. The transport will be carried out complete with vehicle CMR insurance and a loading and stowage system that will guarantee the safe transport of your beloved Vespa without surprises, under the complete care of the forwarder appointed by us.

Keep in mind that we are talking about the North Cape and the Arctic Circle and obviously we will not be able to organize last minute or “on call” transports, which is why, due to the difficulties associated with an operation of this type in such an extreme territory, there is only one departure date for the transport: 18 June 2024, the day following the expiry of the time limit to qualify as Finisher of the Nordkapp Classic Raid.

Depending on the number of vehicles to be transported, the partner in charge will activate different means of transport, which will leave directly from Italy to bring back your beloved Vespas at the intermediate stops along the route (for example Berlin, Muenchen, Innsbruck, etc..) 


  • From the North Cape to your home throughout the Central North (with delivery of the Vespa directly to your home): €808 VAT included
  • From the North Cape to your home throughout Southern Italy (Campania, Basilicata, Molise, Puglia and Calabria with delivery of the Vespa directly to your home): €833 VAT included
  • From the North Cape to your home throughout Sicily (with delivery of the Vespa directly to your home): €857 VAT included
  • From the North Cape to your home throughout Sardinia (with delivery of the Vespa directly to your home): €967 VAT included

The cost of the vehicle return service INCLUDES, without any surcharge, a guarded vehicle depot at Nordkapp, which only crews participating in the return transport will be able to use, from 15 to 17 June, to deliver their vehicle in custody and with all the necessary insurance, even before the transport start date (18 June).

The vehicle depot at North Cape is reserved only for those booked for the return transport service, without exceptions.

This service allows you to leave your Vespa at the North Cape and be able to return home immediately without having to wait for 18 June 2024, the day on which international transport is scheduled to depart from the North Cape.

The service allows you to save yourself the kilometers that separate you from the starting point in Florence and to deliver your vehicle to our Partner, directly from your home, and then find it comfortably in Florence, ready to start.

Membership deadline: mid-April 2024

Reliable cost estimate:


  • From all of Central and Northern Italy to the starting point of Florence: 209 euros including VAT
  • From all of Southern Italy (Campania Basilicata, Molise, Puglia, Calabria) to the starting point in Florence: 229 euros VAT included
  • From Sicily to the starting point of Florence: €255 VAT included
  • From Sardinia to the starting point of Florence: €365 VAT included


  • From the regions of the French Riviera-Provence-Alpes / Occitania / Rhône-Alpes to the starting point of Florence: 300 euros VAT included

The transport service can also be activated in any other region of France but requires a quote on request.


  • From the regions of Tyrol / Carinthia / Salzburg / Styria to the starting point of Florence: 300 euros VAT included

The transport service can also be activated in every other region of Austria but requires a quote on request.


  • From the regions of Grisons / Ticino / Valais to the starting point of Florence: 300 euros VAT included

The transport service can also be activated in any other region of Switzerland but requires a quote on request.


  • From the regions of Goriska / Obalno-kraska to the starting point of Florence: 300 euros VAT included
  • From the Gorenjska regions to the starting point of Florence: €360 VAT included

The transport service can also be activated in every other region of Slovenia but requires a quote on request.


The transport service can be activated in every region of Germany but requires a quote on request.

This service is available to all those registered for the event, regardless of whether or not they book the return transport of the Vespa from the North Cape.

From the 2024 Edition we have activated an additional transport service, at the complete discretion and upon request of the participant, with broom wagon functions. This service will allow you to tackle the journey with greater peace of mind, knowing that in the event of a permanent breakdown of your Vespa, you can count on one of our Partners who will recover your vehicle and bring it back to Italy, to your home.

The broom wagon service is available to all participants regardless of booking the main transport return from the North Cape, it does not require any prior booking and is available for the entire length of the route.


  • Costs of the broom wagon for participants who have signed up to the return transport service from the North Cape: approximately 240 euros vat included

  • Broom wagon costs for those who have not signed up to any transport service: to be quantified at the time of request but starting from 1500 euros vat included

Remember in any case that to ensure the return home of your vehicle, in the event of breakages and from all over Europe, it is sufficient to add additional coverage to your insurance policy, which also includes the service of returning the vehicle to Europe. Some participants of the 2023 Edition who had this coverage took advantage of the service simply by calling their insurance company.

Inquire with your company and if you are a member of a Vespa Club also with your Club.

In mid-April 2024 we will send all participants a Google form to fill out to inform us whether or not they participate in the various available transport services.

Completing this form is MANDATORY for all crews, both for those who decide to book one or more transport services and for those who decide not to use them.

Once we have received your form we will send you an email indicating the amount to be paid and the payment methods.

Payment must be made by April 20, 2024, without payment we will not accept any booking and it will no longer be possible to do so thereafter.

ATTENTION: We would like to underline that the vehicle transport services are accessories to the event, require a high commitment in terms of management and time and that RaidTribe has no interest or convenience in you using the event services rather than what you can find independently. If individually you think you will get better conditions than those obtained from group transport, remember that you are always free to organize yourself completely independently, in fact we remind you that the event ends at the North Cape.



  • From the North Cape to your home throughout the Central North (with delivery of the Vespa directly to your home): €808 VAT included
  • From the North Cape to your home throughout Southern Italy (Campania, Basilicata, Molise, Puglia and Calabria with delivery of the Vespa directly to your home): €833 VAT included
  • From the North Cape to your home throughout Sicily (with delivery of the Vespa directly to your home): €857 VAT included
  • From the North Cape to your home throughout Sardinia (with delivery of the Vespa directly to your home): €967 VAT included



The return transport of your Vespa can be easily done even if you live outside Italy and will be organized at the point closest and most convenient to you, on the transporter’s return route. If you want more info contact us at


  • The transport service is a dedicated service, at home and not shared with other shipments, and furthermore, even if you are only interested in the return of the vehicles from the North Cape, this service requires the transporter to cover a return trip from ‘Italy at the North Cape (8000 km)
  • The cost of the service INCLUDES a GUARDED vehicle depot at Nordkapp, which you can use, from 15 to 17 June, to deliver your vehicle in custody and with all insurance, even before the transport start date (18 June).
  • It is a custom service with delivery of the Vespa to your home (Italy) or to intermediate stops (abroad), loading and storage by the staff and includes CMR insurance for the international leg and full-risk insurance for the Italian leg, on every vehicle transported.
  • Includes the management of numerous customs procedures required by the Norwegian border (therefore outside the EU)
  • Prices include VAT


TIP: Think carefully about whether to give up the Vespa transport service on your return because we can assure you that once you reach the North Cape, after a journey of over 4000 km, the idea of having to return home on a Vespa, even if it now seems romantic, it may no longer be. In the 2023 Edition, some participants who had chosen to return home on a Vespa before the event, then, once they reached their destination, asked us to use the service.

To avoid misunderstandings we want to be clear on this point. No transport request made to the North Cape, outside of the reservations already collected and paid for in the months prior to the event, will be accepted. 

For two reasons:

– It is physically impossible. The RaidTribe Staff is present in the North Cape to manage the reception and registration of the Crews and therefore has no way, even if they wanted to, to manage a last second transport request which concerns a complex service such as international transport (the chassis number of the Vespas to be transported are communicated to Norwegian customs, together with a series of non-EU customs procedures, one month in advance)

– It is not fair to participants who booked and paid for the service months before the event.

The transport service of the Vespa, from the Nordkapp to Italy and intermediate stops in other european countries, is an accessory service to the registration for the event and is provided by a specialized external partner who collaborates with the organization.

RaidTribe is not responsible for the service or for any damage deriving from it, limiting itself to providing the participating crews with a preferential agreed price and all the necessary planning, including the management of reservations for the departing crews and the necessary paperwork for transport.

The validity of the registration is not linked to the provision or otherwise of the transport by road by our Partner

The World of Overland Raids, regardless of the means by which they are intended to be completed, always includes a highly subjective approach, in terms of comfort that cannot be done without, which can lead to significantly different costs.

Here is some reliable data to get an idea of the total cost of the Raid, all included, in the case of a single crew participant or a couple.

Profile “Hard and Pure” – Single Crew

You are tough and for you the Adventure is only the one at Bear Grylls. You and your Vespa eat the road without batting an eye. Your favorite restaurants are gas stations and supermarkets, while your hotels are spartan but charming Scandinavian wooden cabins or, even better, a few nights in a tent on the spectacular arctic tundra.

If you recognize yourself in this profile, once you have paid the costs of registering for the event (587 euros), the return transport of the Vespa (about 750 euros) and the plane ticket (180 euros), in total approximately 1500 euros, that’s all you have left. than add three basic cost items

– Fuel + ferry (Fuel : 4000 km = around 200 euros + ferries : 100 euros)

– Meals (36 meals = 3 per day x 12 days time limit = 320 euros)

– Overnight stays (6 days in a tent Free + 6 nights in a single cabin

= 240 euros)

Total with return transport of the Vespa = about 2350 euros
Total without return of the Vespa = about 1600 euros

Profile “Hard and Pure” – Couple crew

You are always unquestionably tough but you have chosen to conquer the North Cape as a team, with a travel companion. Same thing, your favorite restaurants are gas stations and supermarkets, while your hotels are the spartan but charming wooden cabins of Scandinavia or, even better, a few nights in a tent in the spectacular arctic tundra.

If you both recognize yourself in this profile, once you have paid the costs of registering for the event as a couple (697 euros), the return transport of the Vespa (about 750 euros) and the plane ticket for two people (360 euros), in total approximately 1800 total euros for both, there is nothing left but to add three fundamental cost items

– Fuel + ferry/s (Fuel : 4000 km = around 300 euros + ferries : 100 euros)

– Meals (36 meals / 3 per day x 12 day time limit x 2 Riders =

500 Euros)

– Overnight stays (6 days in a tent Free + 6 nights in a double cabin = 360 euros)

Total with return transport of the Vespa = approximately 3100 euros = 1550 euros per participant

Total without return of the Vespa = approximately 2360 = 1180 euros per participant

Profile “Adventure yes, but with style!” – Single crew

In your mind you would like to be Bear Grylls but you can’t give up a certain amount of comfort, even in the Raid of Raid! You and your Vespa are an example of balance and for you a Raid does mean a long way, but also a good meal and a nice bed to recharge your batteries, and your lower back.

If you recognize yourself in this profile, once you have paid the costs of registering for the event (587 euros), the return transport of the Vespa (estimated 750 euros) and the plane ticket (180 euros), in total approximately 1500 euros, that’s all you have left. than add three basic cost items

– Fuel + ferry (Fuel : 4000 km = around 200 euros + ferries : 100 euros)

– Meals (36 meals = 3 per day x 12 days time limit) = 540 euros

– Overnight stays (12 nights in single cabin / single room = 600


Total with return transport of the Vespa = 2950 euros

Total without return of the Vespa = 2200 euros

Profile “Adventure yes, but with style!” – Couple crew

There’s little you can do, your team sleeps with a photo of Bear Grylls under the pillow but you can’t give up a certain amount of comfort, you’re the sophisticated version of modern adventurers, even in the Raid of Raid! You and your Vespa are an example of balance and for you a Raid does mean a long way, but also a good meal and a nice bed to recharge your batteries, and your lower back.

If you both recognize yourself in this profile, once you have paid the costs of registering for the event as a couple (697 euros), the return transport of the Vespa (estimate 750 euros) and the plane ticket for two people (360 euros), in total approximately 1800 total euros for both, there is nothing left but to add three fundamental cost items

– Fuel (4000 km = about 300 euros)

– Meals (36 meals = 3 per day x 12 days time limit) x 2 Riders = 850 euro)

– Overnight stays (12 nights in double cabin / double room = 840 euros)


Total with return transport of the Vespa = 3800 euros = about 1900 euros per participant

Total without return of the Vespa = 3050 euros = about 1500 euros per participant

These are estimates. If instead of 12 days you take 15 or 17 days to reach the North Cape, you will obviously spend more. The profile you choose to adopt during the Raid will give you the final result and obviously you will be able to spend more or less, also in consideration of the number of possible unexpected events and things that will go smoothly along the way, but the cost items are based on years of experience in the territories crossed for which you can refer to this track to consider the actual economic aspect of the Raid.

Participants in the event will be sent detailed information on the airports available to return by plane to Italy or Europe, including connections to reach the airports, available airlines and average ticket costs.

The faq page is constantly evolving but if you have questions that cannot be answered on this page, please send an email to:

The Staff will answer you as soon as possible.

Adventure will save the world!

The NordKapp Classic Raid was born with a specific purpose: to make people’s lives better and happier by allowing them, through the most coveted and dreamed of Vespa Raid ever, to share a magnificent experience with hundreds of other dreamers riding a Vespa, all united in search of strong emotions and against the torpor that now accompanies the modern world and unfortunately many of our lives.

It is time to turn around and take back control, as wrote the author of the book “Titanic. A different ending “.

Making it better means enjoying and capitalizing on an experience that for most people only happens once in a lifetime. For this reason, everything related to the event should be experienced and interpreted by those who intend to take part, with positive emotion, enthusiasm, courtesy towards others and towards the Staff, as well as awareness of being able to experience something Extraordinary in able to shake one’s life in an incredibly powerful and positive way.

So please, always remember that the purpose of participating in this event is to do an extraordinary thing that will make you happy and that you can tell with contagious enthusiasm to your lineage, so even if we understand that preparation can bring with it a certain amount of apprehension, approach the event in all its aspects with happiness and joy of being there, after all .. you are here for this.

Participating in the NordKapp Classic Raid means giving yourself and your life a gift of unique value, as long as you are conscious and aware that you are taking part in an UltraDistance Vespa Raid in complete autonomy.

The Adventure, by its very nature and definition, requires flexibility, a spirit of adaptation and the ability to read the conditions in the field. Despite the maniacal care and scruple that we place in preparing for this event, it is physically impossible to predict the real conditions you will find on the pitch from the moment of departure. For this reason, you are responsible for viewing the route sent with the utmost care, providing support and supply points, night points, etc.

We choose the best roads in Europe but it is easy to understand, given the length of the event, that the conditions on the field could be different or change suddenly for a thousand reasons and at any time: detours, road works, closures of other communication routes and diverted traffic flows.

For this reason, in the presence of unforeseen and extraordinary circumstances that you may find in the field, at the NordKapp Classic Raid you are free to exit the track, at your complete discretion, and to resume it as soon as the safety conditions are restored.

Tackle this Adventure responsibly, with awareness and preparation, and you will treasure one of the Greatest Experiences of Your Life.

Preparing an Adventure independently, from A to Z, requires months of time and careful filtering of the sources from which the information is taken. From navigation to technical aspects, from equipment to logistics, there are many things to plan.

Aware, however, that not everyone has the time and skills necessary to plan adventures of this type and wanting to bring as many people as possible to the world of Vespa and moped raids, we have studied a series of adventures with a fixed and carefully planned route, accompanied by fundamental information that is the result of our twenty years of experience in over 100 countries around the world. Indeed, having a path to follow relieves you of months of study and planning, although it is your responsibility to check it carefully. But in addition to the path and perhaps even more fundamental, the participants will be provided with practical information of all kinds that otherwise, in the case of adventures done independently, you would have had to find and filter from hundreds of sources, mostly untestable.

Logistical information, on the recommended equipment to face the challenge, on how to follow the track with the GPS or smartphone. As well as the services available along the track, the roadmap, the workshops, the repair centers, the Vespa Clubs. To get to the return transport service and the connections to return home by plane. With over 20 years of experience in the world of adventure, our events allow everyone to experience extraordinary Adventures that really change people’s lives.

The RaidTribe Adventures take place on the most served and safest continent in the world, Europe. For this reason, you will presumably always be able to receive help within a few kilometers, to resolve any unforeseen events and program changes that may arise along the way, elements that have always been at the basis of the very concept of Adventure.

The – Nordkapp Classic Raid – TigerMan400 and DawnToDusk300 logos, as well as the graphic symbols, the copy and any other content and element related to this site and the RaidTribe events are registered and covered by EUIPO international copyright. Therefore, copying, unauthorized use and modification in all their parts is prohibited.

The faq page is a source of information that we want to make more and more useful and complete. If you have questions that are not answered on this page or you want other topics concerning the events to be included, send an email to: