JUNE 3-16, 2023
Italy-Nordkapp Continental Classic Raid


The Adventure of a Lifetime, riding a Vespa to the Arctic Circle.

Few things in the world have the power to capture the imagination of Adventure lovers as much as overland adventure racing on limited power vehicles, covering an entire continent, and especially if the destination of the trip is the Great North and the Arctic Circle.

If we add a legendary vehicle such as the Vespa or the mopeds that accompanied us during our adolescence to this magical destination, the perfect expression of the quest for freedom that every adventure lover has always felt, we get the explosive recipe for the most coveted and spectacular adventure riding ever, the one to the North Cape.

Try it, whisper the word North Cape to a Vespa and you’ll see that it will immediately start leaking oil with happiness.

The Greatest Continental Adventure Raid on Vespa for free spirits of all ages.

From teenagers disguised as 40 year old adults, to hardy middle-aged adventurers and youngsters who want to experience the Adventure of Adventures before they become adults, or vice versa, the NordKapp Classic Raid is an extraordinary experience for everyone and the best way to remember that it is never too late, or too early, in life to do something great and be happy and carefree again.

Run to your garage and bring back to life that extraordinary vehicle, guardian of freedom and your youthful dreams, which once opened up the roads of the world to you, making you feel as all-powerful as a T-Rex. The time of Vespas and small engine bikes conquering the world is back, and it has never been so much fun.

Multi-vehicle adventure.

We have imagined the NordKapp Classic Raid with a few basic conditions to be met. Covering an extraordinary distance, to one of the most enchanting places on the planet, on board Classic vehicles with limited power.

We admit it, our hearts are set on Her Majesty the Vespa, but we’re happy and well aware that there are plenty of other fantastic Classic Mopeds out there eager to get back on the road and show their worth, so you can take part in the event with any other two-wheeler as long as it’s manufactured before the year 2010 and has a maximum engine size of 250 cc.

Confidentially, if you dare to start on a 50cc, you will enter the event with the title ‘I Am Legend’, raising your prestige to unprecedented heights.

On June 3, 2023, we’ll be creating the most incredible fleet of vehicles heading for the Arctic Circle ever seen.

The format

With a limit of 100 crews admitted to the 2023 Edition from every corner of Europe, on Saturday 3 June 2023 you’ll all set off together from the beautiful setting of Florence, Italy, in the saddle of your beloved Vespa and polished mopeds, bound for the Nordkapp. Along the way, with a route studied by the organization down to the smallest details, 8 European nations and 4000 unforgettable kilometers await you to be covered in complete autonomy, made up of scenic roads and breathtaking landscapes, where every meter offers ever-changing colors, encounters and scents.

From the start, in order to qualify as a finisher of the event, you have 13 days to cover the distance and validate your passage at the 4 incredible checkpoints which await you along the route.

NordKapp Classic Raid, a lot of fun and freedom with very few but fundamental rules to follow: absolute respect for the road code and no support.

This means that you cannot receive any help from friends or acquaintances, other than that which is allowed from other participating crews. You are also obviously free to go to the workshop for any unforeseen mechanical problems, as well as any other useful activity that may help you in your adventure, but remember, no support vehicles are allowed. In this epic and incredible Overland Adventure Raid you will have complete responsibility for organizing the stages, the rest stops and the supplies, but trust me, it is exactly these two aspects, the complete autonomy and the sense of precariousness, that make adventure raids so special compared to simple trips.

The organization.

Cartography experts, copywriters, videomakers, photographers and social media managers but, above all, lovers of overland adventures in epic vehicles, this is our team. For over 20 years and with experience in over 100 countries around the world, we have been involved in overland adventure Raids, working behind the scenes to plan some of the most famous and popular events on the planet.

The Vespa Raid world has never seen anything so structured and professional, which is why the NordKapp Classic Raid gives you experiences and memories that will accompany you for the rest of your life.

Save the date and accept a once-in-a-lifetime challenge: June 3, 2023.

Media coverage

One of the Last, Great Overland Adventures, narrated live 24 hours a day

Whether you have sporting ambitions, visibility ambitions or simply want to feel at the center of a fantastic story told live from all over Europe, we are waiting for you.

With a hefty budget dedicated to each edition, you will be sure to take part in a unique event planned by an organization with direct experience in over 100 countries around the world. Adventure, no unpreparedness.

2 service cars that will drive non-stop across the entire European continent to Nordkapp, alongside the crews and for the entire duration of the event, equipped with the latest photo and video equipment and the best Sport and Adventure professionals on board, to tell the most legendary Vespa adventure raid ever to adventure enthusiasts from all over the world, live, through unique and spectacular content.

Why NordKapp Classic Raid

An unforgettable Story that changes people’s Lives.

Because every year, since the 1950s, we have witnessed dozens of people from all over Europe setting off solo on their Vespa for the destination of destinations: Nordkapp.

It’s time to bring all these free spirits together and amplify the excitement of such a feat into a unique and breathtaking event, organized with the utmost care and capable of turning even the most timid luminary back into a teenager.

Accept the Challenge and, together with some incredible new companions, embark on the greatest Adventure you can have on a Vespa. Travel through dreamy landscapes, become exhilarated by freedom and lightheartedness and make friends with unlikely characters, all in order to reach Nordkapp and witness the glittering beauty of the Midnight Sun!

We have prepared the most incredible and legendary Overland Adventure Raid on the Planet for you. You can stop dreaming, this is the NordKapp Classic Raid 2023.

The Adventure of Adventures, in a highly organized event.

With a global organization behind it that can provide you with all kinds of valuable information, map out Europe’s most beautiful roads for you, provide you with 4,000 km of media and satellite coverage, and finally give you the option of delivering your Vespa to the Nordkapp for a comfortable, worry-free return home, the NordKapp Classic Raid allows you to take only the best of Overland Adventure, without the hassle and burden of having to organize a complete solo expedition from A to Z on your own.

Breathe in a magical atmosphere reminiscent of conquest and join, on your Vespa, hundreds of people who share your love for the road and Freedom.

An amazing experience awaits you to change your life and your view of what really matters forever.