JUNE 1-17, 2024
Italy-Nordkapp Continental Classic Raid

2024 Edition II

Nordkapp Classic Raid, Chapter II

Italian, French, German, Slovenian, Austrian Pilots and from all over Europe. This is not just one event among many, this is the most famous Vespa and motorcycles Raid in the world: the one towards the Nordkapp and the Midnight Sun.

A handful of minutes before the start and suddenly, in unison, a chorus rises up, chanting a magical word “Nordkapp! Nordkapp!”, now you can feel the air filled with Electricity and that Extraordinary collective Euphoria that only Big Dreams are capable of Unleashing.

A moment later, riding your Vespa and together with your new and eccentric Road Companions, you are on the hairpin bends that take you to the most beautiful and evocative terrace in Florence, Piazzale Michelangelo. The ideal setting to give life to the Biggest Vespa Adventure of your Life.

The tension goes away with the first kilometres, on the sides of the road curious looks accompany the Vespa train that has just left and inside your heart, an ideal shared by all the other crews, there is a geographical point that smells of Conquest: Nordkapp.

Trust us, the beginning of your Great Adventure will also be the exact moment you forget, perhaps forever, who you were just before.

You will leave Florence and the magnificent atmosphere of the Renaissance heading north, beyond the Apennines and towards Veneto and Friuli.

The Po Valley glides under your Vespa on secondary roads, silent countryside and rural contexts that belong to an Italy frozen in time, an incredibly romantic Italy that still speaks of Family and Traditions to be handed down.

The Massive Emotions of the departure give way to amazement and together with the other Crews you caress the Venice Lagoon and small villages out of the chaos that seem to have escaped modernity. Now Immersed in a new Dimension that smells of Freedom, you realize you’re headed towards Slovenia, the first border on the road to North Cape.

Bright green, Spectacular roads and endless trajectories on which to place the tyres. The Nordkapp Classic Raid II route in Slovenian territory opens the doors to places steeped in history such as Caporetto, and at a glance formidable, such as that of the Triglavski National Park, an intact natural paradise of heartbreaking beauty which, curve after curve, you will conquer on the saddle of your Vespa.

You pass Kranjska Gora and another flag enters in your palmares, you and your Vespa conquer Austrian soil by entering the green region of Carinthia, extraordinarily rich in traditions. A collection of green meadows, colorful beer gardens and all around, as a backdrop to an Epic Adventure that everyone Dreams of but only a few have the courage to carry out, there is the Magic of the Alps.

The scent of wood and cut grass, green meadows and grazing cattle, country Gasthofs and the scent of freshly baked pretzels, the journey we have prepared in Austria for you and your Vespa, get ready, it’s something touching.

Everything you need is with you now: air in your lungs, energy flowing through your body, and an amount of Happiness and Pride you’ve never felt before. In the city that gave birth to the genius of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the time has come for you to dismount and take what is rightfully yours, the Stamp of the first Checkpoint of the Nordkapp Classic Raid II, that of Salzburg, a UNESCO World Heritage City.


A hundred kilometers of country roads and your Vespa hooks up with the Inn River, a silver stripe that accompanies you northward and runs all the way to Germany, meeting another river with an iconic and unmistakable name, the Danube. Country number 4, Germany, is now firmly under the wheels when you stop to enjoy a steaming currywurst at a kiosk in Passau, the charming city straddling the two rivers.

The show continues, ladies and gentlemen on board.

Just enough time to familiarize yourself with the warm German welcome and the route of the Nordkapp Classic Raid takes you and your fellow travelers northeast, but listen well, isn’t it the charm of the East that’s about to arrive under your Vespa? Czech Republic, direction Prague. Checkpoint number 2 of the 2024 Edition is in the heart of a unique city in the world, a tribute to Art and Beauty that will literally leave you breathless. It’s time to be amazed, to meet your traveling companions again and perhaps allow yourself a few hours of relaxation and recreation, as well as the unmissable opportunity to enjoy the succulent Czech cuisine, before getting back on the saddle and satisfying the very strong call of the Road and the Freedom.


With the compass planted in the North, after the Czech Republic you will return to Germany, Saxony to be precise, but don’t relax too much, certainly not to stay there. The route of the Nordkapp Classic Raid is in fact a playful maze that crosses tiny villages between the tidy German countryside and the authentic, and incredibly retrò, Polish territory. That’s right, it’s time for stuffed pierogi and to savor a country, Poland, which, although modern, part of the EU and increasingly served, still maintains the irresistible features of Eastern Europe.

You’ve almost reached the shores of the Baltic Sea when on the saddle of your Vespa, after a thousand stories to tell your grandchildren and close fraternal friendships with Pilots from all over Europe, you change direction to reach Rostock. It is here, in this city once belonging to the GDR, that the short ferry to Denmark, destination Gedser, awaits you.

The Danish countryside is an ideal of bucolic beauty, a palpable sense of civilization and an incredible quiet with which, we assure you, even from the saddle of a Vespa you will gladly become familiar. The red houses, thatched roofs and windmills, grazing horses and large farms. This is what you will see parading next to you and once again, called to validate your Superb Adventure towards the Great North, you are directed towards a Spectacular City, a Nordic jewel that responds to the name of Copenhagen, the City of the Little Mermaid.

It’s time to set sail once again, this time on a boat that lasts just 20 minutes but which takes you and your Vespa to a world, if possible, even more spectacular and dominated by nature, Sweden. Try now to imagine a land of deserted lakes where blankets of endless clouds make the sky a perpetual and hypnotic perspective. Hours of light that lengthen and a night that fades away kilometer after kilometre, withdraws, beats a retreat. The route to the Far North is a bath of light that warms body and soul and which you will no longer be able to do without.

There is Mal d’Afrique, it is true, but you will discover that it is nothing compared to the attraction of the Earth’s Poles. Together with your traveling companions you will marvel at a beauty that at home, at the absurd speed of our lives or simply because we are polluted by unimportant things, you are unable to touch, while Everything is Different Now.

With more than half of Sweden behind you, you are now a completely new person when, riding your Vespa, you enter the geographical area which perhaps more than any other in the world is capable of captivating the imagination of every adventurer. We are talking about Lapland and the Arctic Circle, home of Checkpoint number 4 of Rovaniemi.

A wonderful and uninterrupted kaleidoscope of colours, of a powerful and wild nature that makes its voice heard everywhere and that you, on the saddle of a Vespa and having arrived from Italy together with Pilots from all over Europe, have the privilege of living without filters.

Indeed, it is here, in the Arctic Circle, the geographical outpost that you will conquer upon entering Lapland, that you will truly understand, in an indelible and all-encompassing way, how Great the Experience you have chosen to have can be, on the saddle of your Vespa, by enrolling in the Nordkapp Classic Raid II.

From this point on, you will see it with your own eyes, no one will be able to distract you from the wonder that surrounds you. These are the last 700 km before the North Cape and nothing, we guarantee, will remain more indelible in your eyes than the pristine and crystalline beauty of these fairytale Arctic landscapes.

This territory is a right that you will conquer and that no one can take away from you. A right that will stay with you for the rest of your life.



The Magic of the Fjords

 But let’s get back on the road in commentary mode..

Now you are in Lakselv and guess what? For the umpteenth time a completely new landscape opens up before you, that of the Porsangerfjord and the Barents Sea. It is the Arctic, in its purest and most authentic interpretation. From the saddle of your Vespa you caress lunar landscapes and inlets that follow the ancestral rhythm of the tides, while in front of you peaceful families of reindeer graze undisturbed everywhere. The stockfish drying in the wind and the fishermen’s outposts, the scent of seaweed and the End of the World.


You are alive. And incredibly lucky.


Mageroya. The last fjord, the one that gives to you Nordkapp, is an experience that few people, especially riding a Vespa, have had the good fortune to be able to experience. Ruthless and of primordial beauty, this rock spur overlooking the Barents Sea opens the door to Dreams and Fantasy. This is the last challenge, the most sublime, the most desired. 

Nordkapp. The sum of everything.

the conquest of nordkapp

Designed to give everyone the opportunity to experience an extraordinary adventure on the most beautiful roads in Europe on the saddle of a Vespa, the Nordkapp Classic Raid is a non-competitive Classic Vespa Raid where each crew is free to arrive at the North Cape with their own roadmap, in any case enjoying the event and its magical atmosphere in all its aspects.

However, you must know that to obtain the Finisher Crew qualification of the 2024 Edition it is necessary to arrive at the North Cape and complete the route within the time window that goes from 13 to 17 June 2024 (from 13 to 17 days from the moment of departure) and respect the Time Windows useful for the 4 Checkpoints along the route.

In any case, whatever your arrival time will be, you will experience something Epic and Memorable. This can be confirmed by the 2023 Participants who have expressed, through a questionnaire, 100% satisfaction with the Event.

Experience an Adventure that has no equal in the whole World, a Story that happens only Once in a Lifetime.


For the 2024 Edition of the Nordkapp Classic Raid there are 4 checkpoints along the route. Checkpoints are strategically placed in areas of geographical, natural or cultural significance. At each Checkpoint, crews will be asked to validate their route. If, for any reason, one or more Checkpoints are skipped, the crew will be disqualified.

The 4 Control Checkpoints for the 2024 Edition:

C1 – Salzburg (Austria)
C2 – Prague (Czech Republic)
C3 – Copenhagen (Denmark)
C4 – Rovaniemi (Finland)

Ferries 2024

In the 2024 Edition of the Nordkapp Classic Raid there are two ferries, both of short duration, to be booked at the complete discretion of the participating crews:

Rostock (Germany) – Gedser (Denmark) – duration 2h
Helsingor (Denmark) – Helsingborg (Sweden) – duration 30 min.

All other sea routes are prohibited.