nordkapp classic raid III


vespa raid italy nordkapp
june 14-28, 2025

dawn to dusk xl


small displacement adventure raid september 6-7-8, 2024

dawn to dusk 300 V


time trial for 50 cc classic
may 10, 2025

Preparation tips and News

Join the Tribe

The Adventure is back Home.

Say goodbye to everyone, hang up the sign “I’ll be right back” and take the pleasure of going back to Dreaming, showing up at the start of our Adventure Raids, one more spectacular than the other, to be carried out riding the vehicles you have always kept in your heart, her Majesty the Vespa and the legendary mopeds of the adolescence.

The time of Adventure Raids on Vespa and mopeds is back, and it has never been so epic and fun.

eventS raidtribe

Extraordinary Adventures for everyone.

Teenagers disguised as 40 year old adults, indestructible middle-aged adventurers and youngsters who want to experience the Adventure of Adventures before they become adults, or vice versa. RaidTribe events are Extraordinary Experiences for everyone and the best way to remember that it’s never too late, or too early, to do something Great and become Happy and carefree again.


“If you don’t like the world, change it”. We started from here to imagine something that today could really bring happiness and fun into people’s lives in a world that is increasingly aseptic, boring and full of rules. For over 20 years, adventure has been the most powerful and effective tool we know for breaking the mould, getting out of the vegetative state in which technology has plunged most of humanity and finding lightheartedness and the desire to put oneself to the test.

Join hundreds of on-the-road adventure lovers in a real world made of incredible roads, extraordinary encounters, breathtaking landscapes and … rivers of Fun.


Our Staff is made up of cartography experts, copywriters, videomakers, photographers and social media managers but, first and foremost, lovers of Overland Expeditions and Adventure Raid in legendary vehicles. For over 20 years, we have been involved in overland adventures with field experience in more than 100 countries around the world, working behind the scenes to plan some of the most popular events on the planet.

The world of Adventure Raids on Vespa and moped has never seen anything so structured and professional, which is why RaidTribe events offer unique experiences and memories that cannot be forgotten.

In collaboration with Vespa Club Firenze, get ready to experience Extraordinary events open to everyone, with different formats and durations, touching every aspect of fun and Adventure Raids.