Tuscany, may 4, 2024
50 CC time trial 




Helmet, lights, reflective jacket and absolute respect for the law and the highway code. The DawnToDusk300 is a NON-COMPETITIVE time trial that takes place on roads open to traffic, therefore awareness, sense of responsibility and observance of the highway code are required. Always.


The event includes a route of about 300 km to be covered in 14 hours and 16 minutes, from Dawn to Dusk on 4 May 2024. The event will end when the time limit expires.


From the 2023 edition, a time window has been introduced (which will be communicated to the Pilots in the Digital guide of the Event)  to reach the arrival point and register as a Finisher. This means that if you arrive at the arrival point before a specific time, you will not be registered as a Finisher, just as if you arrive after sunset. This is not a race and we do not
check that the means by which you present yourself at the start are actually 50 cc but the Challenge must make  sense and be played with fairness and respect for everyone. If at the end of the route you make an average of 45 km / h, which corresponds more or less to the top speed of a 50 cc, it is clear that you have participated with an elaborate
vehicle and you probably did not stop even for a moment to enjoy the Splendor that we have prepared for you.

However, this is not the philosophy with which the event was conceived and if you are looking for this, perhaps you should NOT register to the DawnToDusk300.

The DawnToDusk300 is a Wonderful Adventure based on Fun and Beauty.


The vehicles admitted to the event may be of different brand and model but they must all have a maximum displacement of 50 cc and have been produced by the year 2000.


Only single crews are allowed at the DawnToDusk300.


The crews will be provided by the organization with a full track of about 300 km, a loop route from Florence to Florence. However, remember that at any time and for any reason related to your safety, as well as to traffic and road conditions, and therefore including road works, detours and any other imponderable situation that you may encounter along the track we have provided, you are free, at your discretion, to abandon the track and to resume it as soon as the conditions encountered have ceased and your safety guaranteed again. You can therefore deviate from the track at any time and then resume it later, using alternative routes at your discretion, if conditions require it.


Support to crews by accompanying vehicles (support vehicles) is not permitted. This is an Adventure in total autonomy and without assistance.


The participant’s live tracking will be provided by the organization through a tracking system provided free of charge for the duration of the event. It is the obligation of each crew to continuously track their position during the event, using the system provided by the organization, in case of failure to track the organization will be free to call the crew back so that the system is properly activated.

For any detailed information on the events, we recommend that you consult the FAQ page.