JUNE 1-17, 2024
Italy-Nordkapp Continental Classic Raid




Helmet, lights, reflective vest and absolute compliance with the law and the highway code, in every country touched by the event. We want the Nordkapp Classic Raid to become the perfect expression of Adventure and a healthy and fair way of life. To do this, the first rule to be respected is safety. So remember, without security, there is no fun.


The start of the event is set in Florence on Saturday 1 June 2024.

The Nordkapp Classic Raid is a Splendid Independent Adventure, not a Race, however you should know that to achieve the title of Finisher you will have to arrive at the North Cape within the time window that goes from 13 to 17 June 2024 (from 13 to 17 days from departure) and respect the time windows at the 4 intermediate checkpoints.

On the FAQ page, at point 34, you will find the daily mileage required to obtain the 2024 Finisher Title


All models of Piaggio Vespa, motorcycles and mopeds are admitted to the event as long as they have a maximum displacement of 300 cc and are produced within the year 2015.

Based on the year of production of your vehicle you will participate in the Raid in one of the following 3 categories:

Super Classic – Vespa, motorcycles and mopeds max 300 cc produced by 1985
Classic – Vespa, motorcycles and mopeds max 300 cc produced by 2000
Modern Classic – Vespa, motorcycles and mopeds max 300 cc produced by 2015


The crews will be provided by the organization with an integral track of the route that must be followed until the arrival in the Nordkapp, but remember that at any time and for any reason related to your safety, as well as to traffic conditions and road, and therefore including road works, detours and any other imponderable situation that you may encounter along the track that we have provided you, you are free, at your discretion, to abandon the track and to resume it as soon as the conditions encountered have ceased and your safety guaranteed again. You can therefore deviate from the track at any time and then resume it later, using alternative routes at your discretion, if conditions require it. In any case, the organization will always be able to verify the route of each crew and its position.

From the first meter to the last you will travel through scenic and secondary roads. No motorways, ring roads or fast traffic roads (always suitable for 50 cc).


Along the way, the crews will have to carry out a validation action at each of the 4 mandatory check points indicated by the organization. If the checks on the satellite tracking reveal obvious and unjustified cuts to the route or failure to pass / validate in one of the 4 Check points, the crew may be disqualified.


Support to crews by accompanying vehicles (support vehicles) is not permitted. This is a legendary and merit-based Adventure, as Sport and loyal people should be. Whether your name appears in the finishers up there on top of the world or falls in the dust along the way is your responsibility alone. The detections through live tracking or the passages of service cars during the event, which will show incorrect behavior or against the regulation of the event, could be punished with the disqualification of the crew.


The participant’s live tracking will be provided by the organization through a tracking system provided free of charge for the duration of the event. It is the obligation of each crew to continuously track their position during the event, using the system provided by the organization, in case of failure to track the organization may decide at any time, after previous recall, the disqualification of the crew from the event.


The organization strongly advises crews against traveling at night and in any case in which there is low visibility or poor safety conditions. If you decide to do so, we recommend that you check, with the utmost care, the operation of the front and rear lights, as well as high visibility reflective clothing.

For any detailed information on the Nordkapp Classic Raid, we recommend that you consult the FAQ page.